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Big Fir Daddy is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, and film and television composer Mark David Shearer. The collective talents of well established Los Angeles based musicians Randy Mitchell, Doug Matthews, and Fin Johnston, gives Without My Ritalin it’s distinctive Southern/Country Rock vibe.  From Fin’s Hammond B3 to Randy’s superlative slide work, these guitar driven tunes bring together a familiar classic rock sound. 
Under the direction of producer Fin Johnston, Without My Ritalin, provided Mark, whose television placement credits include Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Access Hollywood, The Chelsea Lately Show, Nickelodeon, and Fox Sports coverage of the NHL and MLB, the opportunity to stretch his story telling abilities as well as his vocal chords.  Writing music and lyrics for all ten songs, Mark leaned into his own experiences to create content for each track.  From autobiographical accounts to introspective observations, Without My Ritalin attempts to take an honest, self-reflective look at the human experience.


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